How to submit papers?

Editors: Silke Hamann & Roland Pfau

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Contents: Linguistics in Amsterdam is first of all an informal platform to present new ideas and work in progress to fellow researchers inside and outside the ACLC, but it may also be used to pre-publish papers that have been submitted to (international) journals. Papers may take the form of a complete manuscript but also of a conference paper, discussion paper, report of an experiment, etc. Authors retain all copyrights to their work and are encouraged to publish (parts of) their paper in international journals later.

Contributors: We invite papers from ACLC members. External collaborators may be co-authors only. In the case of special issues external contributors may be accepted (e.g., in conference proceedings). We encourage especially PhD students to use this platform to share initial results and gain experience in writing academic papers.

Instructions for authors: Contributors may assume from their audience a fair amount of knowledge of the issues addressed in their papers. If peers from the relevant research group are familiar with a particular linguistic model, then authors do not have to go into detail in this respect. In this way, we hope to have concise contributions that delve right into the issues at hand.

Please find as a separate Word-document the ‘style sheet’ for Linguistics in Amsterdam. It contains various user-defined styles that authors may wish to make use of, e.g. for the formatting of examples. Note that tables and figures are put IN PLACE. Papers are submitted digitally in word-compatible format AND either as a pdf or as a hard copy. Any fancy artwork, special fonts, inserted video material, etc. is accepted so long as it can be incorporated into a pdf file. Publications in English and Dutch are accepted. Note carefully that all submitted papers must have been read by a native speaker. Please consult with the editors if you wish to deviate from these instructions.

Reviewing process: The editors will generally ask two members of the ACLC to review the submitted paper. The author will be asked to incorporate the comments of the reviewers in the final submission. The aim is to be quick but careful.