Linguistics in Amsterdam

This series is first of all an informal platform to present new ideas and work in progress to fellow researchers inside and outside the ACLC, but it may also be used to pre-publish papers that have been submitted to (international) journals. Papers could take the form of a complete manuscript but also of a conference paper, discussion paper, report of an experiment, etc. Authors retain all copyrights to their work and are encouraged to publish (parts of) their paper in international journals later.

We therefore invite papers from ACLC members; external collaborators may be co-authors. ACLC member may also propose special issues, for example to publish conference proceedings. In that case contributions from external collaborators may be also be accepted. Let us use this opportunity also to encourage especially PhD students to draw on this platform to publish intermediate results and gain experience in writing and publishing academic papers.

Contributors may assume from their audience a fair amount of knowledge of the issues addressed in their papers. If peers from the relevant research group are familiar with a particular linguistic model, then authors do not have to go into detail in this respect. In this way, we hope to have concise contributions that delve right into the issues at hand.

The papers are non-anonymously peer-reviewed by fellow members of the ACLC or in exceptional cases outside members. Reviewers evaluate the papers on the originality, consistency and style. Note that we ask non-native speakers to have their contributions (in either English or Dutch) checked by a native speaker before submitting them to us. Elsewhere on this website, authors find instructions on how to submit papers.

It is our aim to reflect the different research interests as expressed in the four 'pillars' of the ACLC and the research groups in the editorial board.

We hope that this new series of will make visible some of the state-of-the-art research that is being carried out within the ACLC, and further inspire cooperation between researchers within and without this university.

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