Linguistics in Amsterdam 4-2 (september 2011)Magaly Grández Ávila: Language transparency in Functional Discourse Grammar: The case of Quechua1

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1 Introduction

This research attempts to be a contribution to the study of language transparency in Functional Discourse Grammar (FDG). On the basis of the properties listed and explained in the introductory chapter, expected to characterize a transparent grammar, this study aims to account for the extent to which the Quechuan language can be regarded as transparent.

This paper is organized in the following way: in the next section, I present a brief description of the language under study. In the third and fourth section, I will analyse the degrees of transparency in the grammar of Quechua between levels of representation, i.e. the Interpersonal and Representational level, the Representational and Morphosyntactic level and the Morphosyntactic and Phonological level; and within levels of representation, i.e. at the Morphosyntactic and at the Phonological Levels. In the last section, I present the final conclusions and some questions for further research.